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CAJ in an acronym of my initials Curtis A Johnson. My photographic style has been called “graphic”,  I agree, this is how I feel the automobile should be represented. The automobile itself is a Designer Art Form, when it’s done right. I’m inspired by the great Classic Car Designers & Illustrators of the past.  

The graphic methods I use take  advantage of modern technology, but at the heart of it all, there is a traditional respect for the Great Cars and Illustrators from the past.   

Let me say this, for the most part, I am self-taught & motivated by a love of cars & I'm passionate about Graphic Design. I studied Industrial Design & Illustration at the Los Angeles Art Center back when it was located on 3rd street.

My professional career started with a job with Douglas Aviation in Santa Monica Ca. as a technical Illustrator, & ending designing training manuals for public transportation systems. I'm retired & publishing Fine Art Prints of my favorite subject matter. 

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